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Alberta is experiencing increased emergency power alerts due to the growing demand from electric vehicle (EV) chargers, heat pumps, larger hot tubs, and bigger homes. This surge raises concerns about our power infrastructure’s capacity. Recent data shows a significant rise in power costs, from 2.347C/KWH in January 2016 to 18.007C/KWH in January 2024.

The issuance of Emergency Alerts for power shortages demands our attention. Concerns include the duration of unexpected blackouts, the well-being of family members relying on medical life support at home, and the risk of pipes freezing in extreme cold without furnace power. Electricity is essential in our daily lives, and at Robart Electrical Services, we’ve noticed an uptick in inquiries about standby generators.

In the face of power outages, having a standby generator ensures continued electrical supply. A basic generator system includes the generator itself, a transfer switch to alternate between utility and generator power, and proper electrical connections. Prices for generators start below $800, offering up to 30 amps of 240 volts power. The transfer switch is crucial, managing the switch from utility to generator power safely. Installation by a professional electrician, followed by an inspection, is advised to guarantee safety.

For cost-effective systems, typically four critical circuits are maintained: the furnace (vital in cold climates), water pumps (for rural residents), specific electrical outlets (for charging phones), and essential lighting. While refrigerators and freezers might seem essential, they typically remain cool enough for up to 8 hours without power. For extended outages, a generator-protected outlet can power these appliances.

Homeowners, especially those with medically dependent family members, must prepare for power outages. At Robart Electrical Services, we tailor systems to meet individual needs. For those with the budget, automatic transfer switches and larger generators can power an entire home during outages. Contact Robart Electrical Services at 780-238-8195 to inquire about emergency backup generator systems.

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