Stand By Generators for Alberta Emergency Power Featured Image
Alberta is experiencing increased emergency power alerts due to the growing demand from electric vehicle (EV) chargers, heat pumps, larger hot tubs, and bigger homes. This surge raises concerns about our power infrastructure’s capacity. Recent data shows a significant rise in power costs, from 2.347C/KWH in January 2016 to 18.007C/KWH in January 2024. The issuance...
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Is My Overhead Service Upgrade Legal Featured Image
I guess it has something to do with the way I was brought up, but I cannot stand seeing people ripped off by contractors doing things that are unsafe and may jeopardize the lives of innocent people. Local, provincial, and federal regulations governing electricity installations exist to ensure safety. Recently, I’ve encountered instances of illegally...
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Pre 1965 – 60 Amp Electrical Services Featured Image
Houses constructed before 1965 featured a 60-amp electrical overhead service. Canadian insurance companies have opted not to accept these services due to concerns about their adequacy in meeting today’s electrical demands, potentially posing a fire hazard. If you own a home built before 1965 and plan to sell it, there are critical considerations. Modern Realtors...
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Should I Consider 200 Amp Service Upgrade Featured Image
Considering a service upgrade for your residential house? Many homeowners are contemplating a 200 amp service, a popular choice for those undergoing service upgrades. However, it’s essential to be aware that Epcor, at times, refuses to provide 200 amp services due to concerns about their transformers becoming saturated. This can impact your decision-making process, especially...
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60-Amp Service Upgrades With Ungrounded Outlets Featured Image
On May 15th, 2018, Robart Electrical Services Ltd. conducted a 60 to 100 amp service upgrade, and subsequently, the property owners decided to sell the property. This project was executed with an Edmonton electrical permit and underwent inspection, receiving approval from a certified inspector from The Inspection Group on May 15th. Epcor handled the disconnection...
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