Beat the Heat: Summer Electrical Safety Tips for a Cool and Safe Home Featured Image
As the sun blazes and temperatures soar, it’s that time of the year when we all rely heavily on our electrical appliances to keep us comfortable and cool. However, amidst the joy of summer, it’s crucial to remember that with increased electrical usage comes the need for heightened safety awareness. In this article, we’ll explore...
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Stand By Generators for Alberta Emergency Power Featured Image
Alberta is experiencing increased emergency power alerts due to the growing demand from electric vehicle (EV) chargers, heat pumps, larger hot tubs, and bigger homes. This surge raises concerns about our power infrastructure’s capacity. Recent data shows a significant rise in power costs, from 2.347C/KWH in January 2016 to 18.007C/KWH in January 2024. The issuance...
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Winter is Coming: Essential Electrical Maintenance to Keep Things in Top Condition Featured Image
As the days get shorter and the air turns colder, there’s no denying that winter is just around the corner. While we prepare our homes for the cozy and festive season, it’s equally essential to ensure our electrical systems are ready to weather the storm. Investing some time and effort into pre-winter electrical maintenance can...
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A Smart Start: Back-to-School Electrical Safety for a Successful Year Featured Image
As the back-to-school season kicks into gear, there’s more on your mind than just new notebooks and backpacks. It’s a perfect time to refresh your family’s awareness about electrical safety, especially when students will be spending more time at home studying, using electronics, and tackling projects. In this article, we’ll delve into essential back-to-school electrical...
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