July 2021
The cheapest quote is not always the best featured image
I’m about to share something that many contractors and business people might not want me to disclose, but I don’t care. We’ve all heard the saying “buyer beware.” When homeowners embark on a project, often, it involves work they may not be familiar with. Consequently, we usually seek the expertise of professionals to guide us...
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Old Electrical Panels Featured Image
At the turn of the last century, when electricity was relatively new to Alberta, the initial 120-volt 30-amp overhead electrical services that traversed our yards from the pole in the back alley used to be protected by glass fuses. These early residential electrical services were sufficient for supplying lights and early appliances. As technology evolved...
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Should I Consider 200 Amp Service Upgrade Featured Image
Considering a service upgrade for your residential house? Many homeowners are contemplating a 200 amp service, a popular choice for those undergoing service upgrades. However, it’s essential to be aware that Epcor, at times, refuses to provide 200 amp services due to concerns about their transformers becoming saturated. This can impact your decision-making process, especially...
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Car Chargers and Hot Tubs Featured Image
Car chargers and hot tubs today are a wonderful addition to anyone’s home. The only problem is, they add a considerable amount of demand on a residential electrical service. With more homes choosing to add these types of new devices, it is putting an increased load and strain on the existing established utility wiring and...
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