December 2021
Elec-Tricks: Receptacles and Bulbs Featured Image
Recently, I’ve been receiving numerous phone calls from homeowners undergoing renovations and encountering electrical issues. As a Master Electrician with extensive experience, I can guide them on how to safely address their problems. Kitchen Counter Receptacles One common issue is when people replace kitchen counter receptacles wired through a method called “split duplex.” This involves...
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Kitchen Renovations: Cover All Your (electrical) Bases Featured Image
Last week, a lady called me excited about her decision to renovate the kitchen with her husband. They believed it wouldn’t be too challenging after reading about it online and asked for a budget estimate. I explained that I needed more details before providing a cost estimate, starting with an overview of today’s electrical codes....
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Understanding Electrical Grounding and How It Works Featured Image
Until the mid-1960s, residential electrical wiring did not include a ground wire as part of the set of conductors for new construction. Even though this system was CSA-approved at the time, it was deemed a safety concern for the residents of the home. How it works: Imagine you have an ungrounded plug-in in your bathroom,...
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