September 2021
A Realtor’s Guide to Residential Electricity Featured Image
One of the most challenging aspects for a REALTOR is overcoming obstacles that deter potential buyers from submitting an offer on a property. The most recent hurdle is the upgrading of the electrical service. Questions about what a 100 amp residential service looks like, whether the panel has been changed to resemble a new service,...
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Illegal Service Upgrades Featured Image
Understanding the significance of obtaining an electrical permit for all electrical work is crucial. This naturally involves the participation of City of Edmonton electrical inspectors and, in many cases, Epcor. When a client mentions a service upgrade or aluminum pigtailing in a home, your immediate action should be to request a copy of the electrical...
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Electricity for Regular Joe’s Meter Image
In the world of a master electrician, residential electrical wiring can be the most elementary of systems that we have to deal with. To a homeowner, electricity can be really scary, and it should be. Today I would like to explain the basics of your residential electrical service and let you know a few things...
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