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Understanding the significance of obtaining an electrical permit for all electrical work is crucial. This naturally involves the participation of City of Edmonton electrical inspectors and, in many cases, Epcor. When a client mentions a service upgrade or aluminum pigtailing in a home, your immediate action should be to request a copy of the electrical permit. If none is available, contact the City of Edmonton at 311. Speak with the city inspectors and ask them to verify whether a permit was obtained for the specific work.

A prudent home inspector once alerted me to a residential electrical service that raised concerns. Upon inquiry with the city, it was revealed that no electrical permit had been secured for the upgrade. A subsequent site visit confirmed the absence of a sticker on the meter socket and deviations from standard practices.

An unmistakable sign of an illegal service is the presence of Blue Marretts on the overhead wiring. This indicates a lack of involvement by Epcor, suggesting that someone has cut the wires to perform unauthorized work.


Firstly, an untrained individual cutting and handling these overhead lines risks electrocution and potential fatality. Additionally, the lack of inspection for proper code requirements means that the work on the home may harbor dangerous personal hazards and a heightened risk of fire.

As always, do not hesitate to reach out with any electrical questions or concerns you may have: 780-238-8195.

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