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I’m about to share something that many contractors and business people might not want me to disclose, but I don’t care. We’ve all heard the saying “buyer beware.” When homeowners embark on a project, often, it involves work they may not be familiar with. Consequently, we usually seek the expertise of professionals to guide us through the intricate decisions of the project. The initial step in this process is to have a tradesperson provide ideas and guidance on design, materials, installation methods, and decision-making. Most tradespeople willingly offer this information in a free quotation, hoping to build a relationship with the customer. If proven knowledgeable and professional, the customer may choose them for the project.

Choosing the Right Contractor

The next part of the process involves gathering quotations to determine a reasonable cost for the project. This can be challenging for many people as they ponder who to call. In today’s digital age, most individuals turn to the internet to find a site they are comfortable with, relying on personal reviews, ratings, or simply choosing the listing at the top of the page.

The Crucial Role of Quotations

Here is where the crux of my story begins. The quotation, whether written or verbal, becomes the final step before you, the client, must make a decision. Once committed to a contractor, you are bound. Some individuals employ various tactics to secure your commitment. The quotation becomes your only recourse if things go awry. In situations of conflicting accounts, it serves as the agreement containing the scope of work for the agreed-upon price.

Smart Decision-Making

Here’s my advice: Be smart. Over my 35 years as an electrical contractor, I’ve witnessed too many projects where customers choose a contractor based on “a nice smile” rather than a great idea. When you receive a quotation, ensure it is detailed and specific regarding the tasks and materials involved. A vague, low-cost quote might be tempting, but it often leads to conflicts when assumptions differ between the customer and the contractor. This can result in unexpected costs, and in hindsight, choosing the contractor with the more expensive quotation would have been a wiser move.

The cheapest quote is not always the best; you might just get what you paid for. And always remember to obtain permits where applicable. Robart Electrical Services Ltd. has been serving Edmonton and surrounding areas for over 35 years. Call for your no-obligation quote today at 780-238-8195.

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