Car Chargers
Power Management Systems for Electric Cars Featured Image
Allow me to discuss Power Management Systems for electric cars—an area of expertise close to my heart as an electrical contractor with 40 years of experience. I am deeply involved in offering Power Management Systems to new purchasers of electric cars. Within this context, when acquiring an electric vehicle, one crucial consideration is the type...
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EV Car Chargers: The Effects on Your Home Service Featured Image
Electric cars are becoming a popular choice for new vehicle purchasers today. With the purchase of an electric car, the next consideration is what size charger to get. Chargers for residential installations range from 110 volt house power, up to 90 amp 240 volt. The more power they require, the faster they will charge your...
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Car Chargers and Hot Tubs Featured Image
Car chargers and hot tubs today are a wonderful addition to anyone’s home. The only problem is, they add a considerable amount of demand on a residential electrical service. With more homes choosing to add these types of new devices, it is putting an increased load and strain on the existing established utility wiring and...
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