60 Amp Service Upgrade
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Robart Electrical Services Ltd. in cooperation with the city of Edmonton, Epcor meter room and the inspection group, has created a simple system for identifying the size of an electrical service in residential homes. Over the past 12 years we have offered this tool to thousands of realtors and home inspectors, in an effort to...
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An electrical service upgrade involves bringing more power into your home or upgrading to a newer electrical mast, meter, panel, breakers, and wiring. A typical electrical upgrade requires updating your service from 60 amp to 100 or 200 amp. Here are the steps involved. #1 The Weather Head and Clevis This is where the overhead conductors from the pole in...
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Can You Sell A House With 60 Amp Service Featured Image
If you’re considering selling your older home, especially one built before 1965, it’s crucial to check if your property still relies on the original 60-amp electrical service. In today’s insurance landscape, most insurance companies hesitate to provide coverage for buyers of older homes with the outdated 60-amp service. This, in turn, could lead to complications...
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Pre 1965 – 60 Amp Electrical Services Featured Image
Houses constructed before 1965 featured a 60-amp electrical overhead service. Canadian insurance companies have opted not to accept these services due to concerns about their adequacy in meeting today’s electrical demands, potentially posing a fire hazard. If you own a home built before 1965 and plan to sell it, there are critical considerations. Modern Realtors...
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Can I Get Home Insurance with a 60 Amp Service Featured Image
Home insurance companies, over the last number of years, have decided that it would not be in their best interest to underwrite policies for 60-amp residential electrical services. If you find yourself in need of a 60-amp service upgrade for home insurance purposes, I have identified three available options for buyers of older homes when...
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60-Amp Service Upgrades With Ungrounded Outlets Featured Image
On May 15th, 2018, Robart Electrical Services Ltd. conducted a 60 to 100 amp service upgrade, and subsequently, the property owners decided to sell the property. This project was executed with an Edmonton electrical permit and underwent inspection, receiving approval from a certified inspector from The Inspection Group on May 15th. Epcor handled the disconnection...
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