Common Issues When Buying or Selling an Older Home (and How to Avoid Them)

Common Issues When Buying or Selling an Older Home (and How to Avoid Them) Featured Image

Selling or buying an older home can be an exciting adventure today, filled with eye-opening experiences that teach you about the knowledge required for such a significant transaction. Learning about potential problems and situations beforehand is a smart practice before taking that step. Robart Electric is here to help and educate you on electrical issues throughout the process.

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Does the Home Have Electrical Issues?

When a buyer’s home inspector uncovers electrical problems, a second round of negotiations often begins. Compensation is typically sought, either by reducing the selling price or requesting the seller to address corrections before possession. Buyer negotiators aim to present a fair solution based on their experience or obtain a legitimate quotation before negotiations. The goal is to satisfy buyer concerns while being fair to the seller, with the hope of minimizing expenses for the buyer.

However, potential buyers may decide to pass on the property due to fear or ignorance of electrical issues such as aluminum wiring, a 60-amp service, or minor repairs. Additionally, buyers might overestimate the cost of electrical repairs, which could deter them even if an inspection is done.

The Solution(s)

For buyers, let Robart Electrical Services provide education on common issues, preventing the elimination of great property possibilities. For sellers, it’s advisable to address these issues beforehand to avoid scaring off buyers or needing to discount the property due to fear or ignorance.

Call Robart Electrical Services now and let us alleviate some of the stress.

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