Aluminum Wiring
Can a Wall Plug Wear Out Featured Image
Electrical parts, like everything else, can wear out over time. I received a call from a lady with a 1972 house who reported a fire in her kitchen counter plug. This raised concerns for me, considering the potential dangers associated with overheated aluminum wiring. Upon arriving at her home, she directed me to the kitchen,...
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Uncle Dave Did Our Electrical Wiring Featured Image
We all know that aluminum wiring in homes can lead to fires. Allow me to share a recent experience: I got a call from a Realtor who said her buyers were excited about this 1973 home, but the home inspector discovered aluminum wiring in the electrical box. The homeowner reassured them, saying, “It’s okay, Uncle...
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Will Aluminum Wiring Cause a Fire in My Home Featured Image
Aluminum wiring was predominantly used in residential wiring between 1968 and 1975, particularly in homes with unfinished basements where the main floor was wired with aluminum. As the homes were sold, owners eventually began developing the basements, transitioning to the use of copper wiring. When you open an electric panel from the 70s today, you...
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Aluminum Wiring Cause Fires Featured Image
But…there is nothing wrong with Aluminum wire Insurance companies today are asking that you have an inspection done of our home by a qualified electrician, and to provide a letter to the insurance company saying that the house is safe. Having a letter will not prevent fires in our home. You need to correct the...
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