Residential Electrical Wiring
Uncle Dave Did Our Electrical Wiring Featured Image
We all know that aluminum wiring in homes can lead to fires. Allow me to share a recent experience: I got a call from a Realtor who said her buyers were excited about this 1973 home, but the home inspector discovered aluminum wiring in the electrical box. The homeowner reassured them, saying, “It’s okay, Uncle...
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Will Aluminum Wiring Cause a Fire in My Home Featured Image
Aluminum wiring was predominantly used in residential wiring between 1968 and 1975, particularly in homes with unfinished basements where the main floor was wired with aluminum. As the homes were sold, owners eventually began developing the basements, transitioning to the use of copper wiring. When you open an electric panel from the 70s today, you...
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Smoke Alarms Image
Smoke alarms fall under the jurisdiction of the Alberta Building Code, playing a crucial role in our homes. When purchasing a home, you’ll likely encounter one of three types of smoke detectors. The first type, commonly found at big-box stores and lumber yards, is battery-powered and mounted on the ceiling. The second type is wired...
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Electricity for Regular Joe’s Meter Image
In the world of a master electrician, residential electrical wiring can be the most elementary of systems that we have to deal with. To a homeowner, electricity can be really scary, and it should be. Today I would like to explain the basics of your residential electrical service and let you know a few things...
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