Electrical Panels
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Robart Electrical Services Ltd. in cooperation with the city of Edmonton, Epcor meter room and the inspection group, has created a simple system for identifying the size of an electrical service in residential homes. Over the past 12 years we have offered this tool to thousands of realtors and home inspectors, in an effort to...
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Expanding Breaker Capacity During Home Electrical Renovations Featured Image
When undertaking electrical renovations in your home, it’s crucial to assess if your electrical panel has adequate space for additional breakers. This is a fundamental aspect to consider to ensure safety and functionality. Manufacturers like Siemens, Homeline, and Cutler Hammer offer a solution known as a “space saver” breaker. These breakers are designed to double...
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Residential Panel Upgrades Featured Image
When considering a solar panel installation, there are federal and provincial codes and calculations that must be considered. Upgrading an electrical panel to a larger “BUS RATING” is a common thing. The bus rating is the manufacturer’s allowable capacity of the electrical panel. Sometimes, a 100 amp service may require an electrical panel with a 125 amp...
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What is Arc Fault Protection Featured Image
In the recent 23rd edition of the Canadian Electrical Code book, there have been significant changes that you need to be aware of when dealing with renovation projects. The most significant change is rule 26-724 (f), which states as follows: “Each branch circuit supplying 125V receptacles rated 20A or less shall be protected by a...
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Is Your Electrical Panel in the Wrong Place Featured Image
When planning the layout for a basement development in your home, numerous considerations must be taken into account. It’s crucial to be mindful of the limitations and restrictions outlined by the Canadian Electrical Code. One specific concern is the placement of the electrical breaker panel. During the construction of the house, the original electrical contractor...
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Old Electrical Panels Featured Image
At the turn of the last century, when electricity was relatively new to Alberta, the initial 120-volt 30-amp overhead electrical services that traversed our yards from the pole in the back alley used to be protected by glass fuses. These early residential electrical services were sufficient for supplying lights and early appliances. As technology evolved...
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