100 Amp Service
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Robart Electrical Services Ltd. in cooperation with the city of Edmonton, Epcor meter room and the inspection group, has created a simple system for identifying the size of an electrical service in residential homes. Over the past 12 years we have offered this tool to thousands of realtors and home inspectors, in an effort to...
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Service Upgrades Explained Featured Image
An electrical service upgrade involves bringing more power into your home or upgrading to a newer electrical mast, meter, panel, breakers, and wiring. A typical electrical upgrade requires updating your service from 60 amp to 100 or 200 amp. Here are the steps involved. #1 The Weather Head and Clevis This is where the overhead conductors from the pole in...
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When considering a solar panel installation, there are federal and provincial codes and calculations that must be considered. Upgrading an electrical panel to a larger “BUS RATING” is a common thing. The bus rating is the manufacturer’s allowable capacity of the electrical panel. Sometimes, a 100 amp service may require an electrical panel with a 125 amp...
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A Realtor’s Guide to Residential Electricity Featured Image
One of the most challenging aspects for a REALTOR is overcoming obstacles that deter potential buyers from submitting an offer on a property. The most recent hurdle is the upgrading of the electrical service. Questions about what a 100 amp residential service looks like, whether the panel has been changed to resemble a new service,...
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