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Renovation Lighting Featured Image
When designing a renovation project for your home or business, one of the most critical decisions you’ll face is choosing the right lighting. There are several options available, including incandescent, HID, LED, task lighting, floodlights, under cabinet lighting, accent lighting, and the traditional fluorescent lighting. Regardless of the type of fixture you choose, LED bulbs...
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Kitchen Renovations: Cover All Your (electrical) Bases Featured Image
Last week, a lady called me excited about her decision to renovate the kitchen with her husband. They believed it wouldn’t be too challenging after reading about it online and asked for a budget estimate. I explained that I needed more details before providing a cost estimate, starting with an overview of today’s electrical codes....
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Starting a Basement Development Project Featured Image
Home renovation season is upon us, and with the arrival of fall, thoughts turn to the impending cold weather and the projects ahead. Among the significant undertakings is often a basement development project. I’ve emphasized the importance of permits before, particularly Development permits, Building permits, and Electrical permits. To reiterate, in the province of Alberta,...
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We Did a Basement Development Without an Electrical Permit Featured Image
Finding a basement development completed without an electrical permit has become commonplace in our findings. Everything from adding a basement bedroom to a full-blown complete development. Realtors and home inspectors are discovering that this problem is becoming very serious. Due to Item 6.1 (g) of the Alberta Real Estate Association residential purchase contract, which states...
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