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Let’s talk about that little round power meter that hangs on the back or side of your house, the one that costs you so much money each month. In recent years, we’ve collaborated closely with Epcor and Fortis to address issues with power meter sockets, the metal boxes accommodating the power meters, which can become defective due to various reasons, be it nature or human error.

Today, I received a call from Calgary. A concerned woman informed me that her elderly mother in Edmonton needed our assistance. Her mom witnessed the power meter exploding in her yard, leaving her with only half the normal power after the Epcor trouble truck departed. Unable to use essential appliances, such as the stove or dryer, this was quite inconvenient for an elderly person living alone.

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In Edmonton, Epcor has been replacing old glass dial meters with new smart meters, enabling remote consumption calculation. However, a problem arises during this transition. The individuals who manually read the old power meters are no longer needed, resulting in a potential issue when replacing the meters. The internal parts of the old meter sockets may have become brittle over time, requiring repairs for the supply authority to restore power.

Another concern arises when the earth around your house settles or shifts, especially for homes supplied with underground conductors after 1966. These conductors connect to the power grid and are buried between 30″ and 45″ deep, protected by a conduit leading to the meter socket. Proper installation involves an “S Loop” directly below the meter to prevent wire pull-down as the ground settles. Failure to install this loop can strain connections inside the meter socket, leading to breakage or, in severe cases, an explosion.

Additionally, settling may cause the conduit to be pulled along with the wires, exposing energized conductors – a serious safety concern. As a responsible homeowner, it’s crucial to maintain this equipment. If you observe any issues with your service, contact Robart Electrical Services promptly for necessary repairs.

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