Why Choose Us?

Free Estimates With No Surprises

Don't be SHOCKED but we provide our customers with upfront pricing so there is never a chance that the quoted price will change, unless you make the changes. We pride ourselves on up front honesty.

City Permits With All Work

An electrical permit is required by law and nothing will be done by us without the coverage of an electrical permit and approved inspection. Insurance companies are now opting to possibly void insurance in the event of a claim when electrical work that was done without a permit and inspection.

Award Winning Electricians

We have 3 Master Electricians on staff (the younger being awarded for his achievements) in order to provide exceptional service to our clients, we collaborate between our staff to determine the best method of providing top notch service and a fair cost.

Done Right The First Time

We take a lot of pride to choose trades people who have experience and knowledge in the field of work we are placing them into. We make every effort to provide information and direction to our staff to ensure your satisfaction at the end of the job.

Serving You For Over 35 Years

Created in 1984, Rob Swyrd has worked to develop a unique direction and feel for the company. His vision was to provide service and personal attention to clients regardless of the size of the job.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

It has always been Rob's policy that no one with a legitimate concern stemming from work done by our company, shall go un-addressed. We strive to ensure that negative karma does not come knocking on our door....LOL

If you're looking for fast, efficient, quality electrical services in Edmonton (or surrounding area) why not call us and experience the Robart Vision. Phone (780) 238-8195 or fill out our online form to request your appointment today.