Meet The Robart Executive Team

Rob Swyrd
Rob Swyrd

Master Electrician


Executive Assistant / Controller


Senior Project Manager


Electrical Investigator

A Community Electrical Company

Involved and Active in the Community

Join Rob for a guided tour through the Habitat For Humanity project.

Robart Electrical Services Partners 

With Habitat For Humanity

Edmonton Habitat For Humanity

It's a great way to give back, and everyone involved had a lot of fun doing it!

Habitat for Humanity

Robart Electrical Services Ltd. decided to give back to say thank you for our prosperity. Under the direction and guidance of Chris Swyrd, Robart Electrical Services Ltd. approached Habitat for Humanity and offered to work to help complete a part of the project. The Jimmy Carter project is a multiple housing project in South Mill Woods of Edmonton.

With the help of all of our staff, we took on a complete duplex supplying about half the material at no cost to Habitat. We had a lot of fun watching the office staff, and me myself running wire, installing boxes, and doing all the things I generally take for granted when the guys leave in the morning for a days work. It's not as easy as they make it seem. But then that's why old guys like me hire the young ones. I could never keep up with them any more, and would never try.

All of our staff participated with smiling faces and great attitudes. See the brief video of the project and remember to always be grateful for what you have, because others may not be so lucky.

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