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Realtors have one of the most demanding jobs on the planet. They are required to be pleasant to deal with, always punctual, knowledgeable about almost everything and above all be able to pull rabbits out of their hats when ever there's a problem. That's why they seek out companies like Robart Electrical Services Ltd. to be at their beck and call.

For the last 6 years, we have been providing in house training for realtors specially for issues related to home purchases. Here you will find a wealth of resource material that you can draw from 24 hours a day.

Re/Max Reference Letter

We recently had Rob do a presentation at our monthly office meeting educating our agents how to properly identify whether a house has 60 ampere service or 100 ampere service and other electrical concerns. We had over 60 agents attend and the positive feedback was amazing.

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Residential Service Identification

Clarification as to the amperage rating of a residential electrical service.

Residential Service Identification PDF

Black "Stab-Loc" Breakers Cause Fire

I have been getting calls from realtors lately with questions about the issue of Black FPE "Stab-Loc" Breakers. Here is the explanation.

Burnt Wall Plugs - Fire Wire