Aluminum Wiring Cause Fires 

 December 4, 2018

By  Rob Swyrd

But…there is nothing wrong with Aluminum wire

Aluminum Wiring FireInsurance companies today are asking that you have an inspection done of our home by a qualified electrician, and to provide a letter to the insurance company saying that the house is safe. Having a letter will not prevent fires in our home. You need to correct the problem in the most efficient and safe way possible.

What to do?

Aluminum To Copper Wire Pigtailing

The problem is called “Cold Flow”. There are a number of methods listed on the internet, to correct the problem of cold flow. The method that is highly acceptable, based on our last 35 years experience correcting this problem, is called pigtailing. Pigtailing consists of disconnecting the aluminum wire from the old plug or switch and attaching to it, a short piece of copper wire. We use a paste compound that is coated on the wires prior to connecting that prevents oxidization. Then we attach this connection together with a marrette or wire nut that is rated to be used for the aluminum and copper connections. We then attach the copper wire to a new plug or switch that is rated for copper.

It is always important to get a qualified and experienced person to take on this project. Have the electrician take out an electrical permit for this project and have a city inspector check the workmanship. This is to certify that the job was done correctly and that it meets with common trade practices.

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Rob Swyrd

Master Electrician

Rob Swyrd

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